a)  There shall be 4 sections, Senior 1sts, Senior 2nds and Senior 3rds competitions for boys/girls and a Senior indoor competition for girls. Depending on nominations received, teams may be combined into the one senior competition in the boys. Schools can also enter an all girls team in the 2nds competition if they feel it will be competitive.

b)  All schools must place a first team in any section before they can enter a seconds team.  A special application must be made to the N.H.S.S.A. Executive to vary this rule.

c)  Players are only permitted to play in one team per round.


The competition shall be conducted according to the Laws of Soccer as laid down by the F.I.F.A. with the exception that grounds of reduced size may be used.The “sin bin”will be used at the referees discretion.


Taken over the calendar year commencing in Term 2 and resuming and completing in Term 3.


Senior 35 minute halves (Juniors 30 min) no extra time – can be varied depending on starting time.

Starting Times

Senior Wednesday, Junior Thursday as per roster.


A forfeit occurs when a team is not ready to start 10 minutes after the scheduled time of commencement with a minimum of 8 players. Games that start late must be shortened to finish on time.


As per official roster with home and away games as much as possible.

Home sides are to provide:

  • A good match ball
  • A competent referee (usually coach) and linesperson
  • A well marked ground, goals and nets
  • Changing and toilet facilities


School coaches are asked to share the responsibility of refereeing. i.e half a game each. NHSSA will provide independent umpires where possible – Sen 1sts will take preference.


Each team shall play in its school colours and in the event of a clash the away team changes their strip. Proper soccer shorts are expected to be worn. Players incorrectly attired will not be allowed to take the field.

SHIN PADS MUST BE WORN – players without will not be allowed to take the field.

Soccer ball sizes shall be as follows:

  • Seniors = Size 5


In all matches substitutions may be allowed as follows:

  • The ball must be out or dead
  • The referee must signal his agreement
  • There must be a minimum loss of time
  • Any number of substitutes may be allowed, and any player taken from the field may return at any time


a)  Both coaches should agree on scores at the completion of each game

b)  Results are to entered onto the NHSSA website by Friday

Point Allocation For Results

  • win/bye = 6 points
  • draw = 4 points
  • cancellation = 4 points each
  • loss = 2 points
  • forfeit = 0 points

Finals Eligibility

To be eligible to play in the grand final a player must have played 5 matches for the school in that particular season, in that competition(Seniors). Sen 2nds – 5 matches in the seconds Sen 1sts -must have played 5 matches with the school but not necessarily with the senior 1sts (best team fielded taking into account injuries, form etc).


i)    Semi finals are played between 1v4 and 2v3. Winners of the Semi finals then play off in the Grand Final the following week

ii)  If a final is washed out,and no alternative date is available, the team occupying the top ladder position will be declared the Premier team

iv)  If scores are level at full time, (Semi Final – team highest on the ladder goes through to the GF). The golden goal rule will only apply in the GF. Teams will play extra time (6 mins each way). Schools must take a player off the field every 2 minutes. The team that scores first will be declared the Premier team.If scores are still tied after extra time the team that finished higher on the ladder will be declared the Premier team.

v) A copy of the team list showing all team members and the number of games they have played in that team must be exchanged.



  1. All games played at the Launceston Indoor Sports Arena.
  2. Matches are Early or Late matches  E – 1.15 – 1.50  L – 1.55 – 2.30 (15 min halves with 5 mins for half time)
  3. NHSSA will provide referees where possible.  Schools to share in the provision of a referee if NHSSA refs not available
  4. Teams should be in correct school colours
  5. Teams arriving early will assist in setting up courts if necessary
  6. Scores to be forwarded to school sport co-ordinators ASAP and then faxed to NHSSA
  7. Girls dressed in school uniform or street attire will not be allowed to play

 Basic Rules to follow

a) Goalie area is defined by the tennis court base line.Goalie is not permitted outside this area.

b) No offside rule.

c) Ball is play on off the side nets, but called out off the end nets.i.e. corner or goal kick.

d) Kickoff, to commence play, or after a goal is scored, can be forwards or backwards.

e) Players must start in their own defensive half at kickoffs.

f) If the ball hits the roof or goes over the net a free kick is awarded to the other team. Dropball if unsure who offended.

g) A free kick is awarded for the following misdemenours:

  •  pushing
  •  tripping
  •  bad language
  •  hand ball
  •  rough play

h) A penalty will be awarded for any deliberate infringement in the goal area

i) A player can be sent off for unacceptable conduct for a time specified by the referee. This player cannot be replaced.