Code Of Conduct

NHSSA CODE OF CONDUCT (Reviewed May 2024)

This code of conduct is derived in part from School Sport Australia.  It offers the sporting ideals of fairness, honesty and integrity which are central to the code of practice for students, officials, and spectators.

The following is a summary of the behaviours and attitudes expected at all NHSSA sporting competitions. (For the purposes of the following statements, sporting competitions shall mean those fixtures in which a member school takes part or in which teams bear the name of a member school)

  1. All conventions of courtesy associated with a sport are emphasised in the coaching and management of a team.
  2. Schools show courtesy to visiting players and spectators. Visiting teams will be punctual and are welcomed by the host school.
  3. Visitors respect the host venue’s premises and rules in relevant matters such as parking, tidiness, and access to buildings, playing areas and change rooms.
  4. Competitors wear the recognised uniform and use the accepted equipment for each sport. Correct school colours are worn.
  5. Coaches and/or managers of teams introduce themselves to opposition coaches or managers prior to the commencement of any fixture.
  6. All behaviour, including language, on and off the field, by players and supporters is of the highest standard. School and match officials are expected to take action should this not be the case.
  7. Decisions by the umpire are accepted without dissent or comment by players, coaches, and spectators.
  8. Only those designated by schools as coaches or officials are permitted to coach during the game. They must do so within the regulations of the particular sport.
  9. The use of noise or comment which intimidates is unacceptable.
  10. Inclusivity: We provide a sporting environment that is free from discrimination based on language, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, religion, health or disability, family circumstances and origin.
  11. For more information specific to players, officials, parents, and spectators please visit School Sport Australia’s Code of Conduct. SCHOOL SPORT AUSTRALIA.
  12. Breaches of this code could result in a player being excluded from the competition for a period of time and /or being banned from a venue. This also applies to parents, spectators, and officials where necessary.
  13. All behaviour that does not comply with the NHSSA Code of Conduct (encompassing the School Sport Australia Code of Conduct) should be handled at the time of incident where it is deemed unsafe or not in the spirit of the code.
  14. Following this, it is to be reported to the NHSSA Executive Officer who will follow up with all concerned parties and enforce any formal restrictions. Restrictions placed on individuals in the NHSSA competition may also lead to a ban from club participation for a period of time. A tribunal may be used where applicable.
  15. Once the alleged behaviour has been investigated and the Executive Officer is satisfied that a breach has occurred it will either be considered a reportable offence and a report sent to the appropriate match review panel (AFL, BTAS, Netball Tas or Soccer Tas ) and/or the following sanctions will be imposed.
    1. 1st offence – Warning or if more serious 2 weeks
    2. 2nd offence – 5 Weeks (2.5-time previous offence)
    3. 3rd offence – Season or remainder thereof (2.5-time previous offence) (13 weeks)
  16. Please note – these consequences are a guide only and depending on the nature of the incident the consequence/s may be escalated/modified at the discretion of the Executive Officer.