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Roster and Results will be displayed in PlayHQ.

The link is Launceston Basketball Association | PlayHQ The first two rounds are now LIVE.


Basketball Rules and Regulations

  1. Basketball shall be conducted under the rules of FIBA, unless otherwise stated below.
  2. As NHSSA is now affiliated with BTAS, all teams must also abide by the rules and regulations as set out by BTAS.
  3. All players and officials (coaches/managers) are to be registered members of Basketball Tasmania in 2023. Officials need to be registered to Basketball Tasmania as non-playing officials.
  4. All school teams (including all players, coaches, team managers, parents, referees, technical officials, team officials and spectators) participating in the NHSSA roster shall adhere to the NHSSA Code of Conduct as well as the BTAS Codes of Conduct listed below.
    1. Code of Conduct – Parent/Guardians
    2. Code of Conduct – Players
    3. Code of Conduct – Referees and Technical Officials
    4. Code of Conduct – Spectators
    5. Code of Conduct – Team Officials
  5. This includes ensuring all those directly connected with the team are adhering to the National Member Protection Policy and those relating to Basketball Tasmania’s Working with Vulnerable Persons Policy and the Basketball Australia National Integrity Framework.
  1. The roster commences late in Term 3 and concludes at the end of Term 4.
  2. The roster shall consist of anywhere between 6 and 8 rounds with finals to follow. The roster includes 4 sections – Junior Girls (7/8), Junior Boys (7/8), Senior Girls (9/10) and Senior Boys (9/10).
  3. Each section may be split into Firsts, Seconds and Thirds, depending on the number of teams nominated.
  4. City high schools and larger Independent schools would usually nominate a team in the first division however, consideration can be requested to be entered in a lower division if numbers are sufficient in the 1sts for a viable roster.
  5. Nominations for certain rosters may fall short of required numbers. In that case teams will be placed appropriately so only viable rosters will proceed.
  1. All matches will be played on a Thursday afternoon/evening at school venues and various other venues including Elphin Sports Stadium, Launceston College, Newstead College, Silverdome, and the UniGym at Mowbray, unless notified otherwise.
  2. If courts are unavailable on Thursday night, some games will be played on the preceding Wednesday.
  3. Where teams from the same school are rostered to play each other, the match can be played on an alternate day at your school. Please inform Executive Officer (EO) if this is the case and forward results as soon as practicable. AS REFEREES ARE ALLOCATED BY BTAS IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT THE EO IS NOTIFIED AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE SO THE REF CAN BE NOTIFIED AND REALLOCATED.
  4. In the case of the above, if you choose to play at an alternative time, your own referee/s will need to be sourced.
  5. The first two rounds of the roster are considered seeding rounds. Following the seeding rounds a final roster will be updated in PlayHQ. No changes will be made after this point.
  6. Divisions within rosters will be made as equitable as possible.
  7. Rosters, Results and Other Information will be available on the NHSSA website. For basketball the website will include a link to PlayHQ where the rosters, results and ladders will be available.
  1. Teams shall consist of 5 court players and a maximum of 5 substitute players. (Teams can have up to 12 players registered per team).
  2. All team members need to be entered into the PlayHQ ‘team sheet’ prior to the commencement of each game. Unregistered players are not permitted to play.


  1.  Match starting times vary depending on the location. Generally, games will either commence at 3.30pm or 4.00pm and be in blocks of 50 minutes each.
  2. Matches must start on time whether all players are present or not. A forfeit occurs if a team has not taken the court with a minimum of 4 players 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time.
  3. Games consist of four (4) ten-minute quarters, with a 2-minute break at half time and a 1-minute break at quarter and three-quarter time.
  4. Each team is allowed a maximum of one (1) timeout per half. The clock will stop for each timeout. Each timeout to be no longer than a minute.
  5. Game clock will not stop for foul shots, or injury. (except for serious injury at the umpire’s discretion)
  6. The 24-second shot clock will only operate in Division 1 finals. (Junior and Senior)
  7. The alternating possession arrow will operate. No jump balls.
  8. If an injury precludes a player being removed from the court, at least half of the prescribed playing time must be played for a result to stand.
  9. If a player has a bleeding injury, they must leave the court and have the bleeding stopped and covered before returning to play.
  10. Timing in Finals (Semi finals and Finals)
    1. Full FIBA timing rules in finals to be applied in the last minute of the 4th quarter and last minute of any overtime periods.

                  – if match scores are within five (5) points or less during this minute of the fourth quarter or overtime periods: the clock will stop for every basket                   scored, every whistle, every timeout, every substitution and during foul shots.

              2.The 24-second shot clock will only operate in Division 1 finals (semi-finals and grand finals both Junior and Senior)

  1. Each venue is to have a match manager. The home team (team listed first is home team if at alternate venue) is to provide a “match manager”. They are responsible for the facilities and necessary equipment including a scoring device. In the event a match manager is not provided the home team coach must fill this role.
  2. A minimum of one referee will be supplied for each game. If a referee cannot be sourced for the scheduled game, you will be notified as early as possible. It would be advisable to have your own pool of referees to call upon if needed.
  3. Each team is to provide a bench official – responsible for electronic scoring, timekeeping and scoring on the device provided by the home team.
  4. Each team should keep a record of the scores for their own records but are to sit together on the bench while scoring to ensure accuracy. Please check at the end of the game that you have the same score (preferably at the end of each quarter).
  5. Bothcoaches must agree on the scores at the completion of each game.
  6. Games will use the PlayHq scoring web application. The details for logging on to the scoring app will be provided to schools prior to commencement of rostered games.
  7. If the ‘Live’ scoring App is not functioning or not available, please ensure you have scoresheets to use, and the results are forwarded to Executive Officer as soon as possible once the game is complete.
  8. Points for roster games to be allotted as follows:

Win – 5 Points

Draw – 3 Points

Loss – 1 Point

Bye –  3 Points

Forfeit (Win) 5 Points

Forfeit (Loss) 0 Points

  1. Each team is to supply a match ball in good condition. (Elphin Sports Stadium can supply a ball if needed)
  • Senior Girls – use a size 6 ball.
  • Senior Boys – use a size 7 ball.
  1. Players are required to wear their approved school team playing uniforms.
  2. Players must be uniformly dressed, with numbers on the singlet, appropriate footwear and shorts must be worn (no tracksuit pants).
  3. The following uniform rules apply in match play: No T-shirt, regardless of style, can be worn under a playing singlet. Players can seek an exemption from the NHSSA Executive Officer but may need to supply medical documentation or equivalent explanation.
  4. Compression: shorts, shirts, leggings, are permitted, provided they are coloured black, white or the school team’s primary colour. All members of the team must be wearing the same-coloured compression wear.
  5. Religious wear is permitted, provided it is coloured black, white or the school team’s primary colour. Headbands and armbands may only be worn if the colour appears in the playing uniform and is the primary/dominant colour of the playing uniform.
  6. All teams must have an adult attached to each team for supervision purposes. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal from the roster. Schools are asked to contact Executive Officer if they play a team without adult supervision.
  7. It is vital that all players treat the venues with respect. Any vandalism/smoking/vaping will mean our privileges being withdrawn. Offenders caught will be barred from the centre.
  1. Teams shall consist of 5 court players and players are only permitted to play in one team per round unless urgent fill ins are required, remembering players can only move up to fill in, not down.
  2. Interchange players can be freely substituted. All players’ names, including interchange, must appear on the scoring device prior to the commencement of play. Any reserve player who takes the court should also have their name listed.
  3. Where a player has played more than half a roster in a higher division, they shall not continue to play in a lower division.
  4. A player must have played at least half the roster games for a team to qualify to play for finals for the same team. *If a school has two or more teams in one Division and one of those teams qualifies for the Grand Final, the players selected for the Grand final team must have played at least half the rostered matches for that team.


    1. Semifinals – 1v4, 2v3 – week prior to GFs
    2. The winners of the Semifinals then play in the GF.
    3. Where two teams are equal on the ladder prior to the semis, then the percentage is calculated in the matches between the teams to determine who goes through to the SF. Obviously if only one match was played between these teams, then the team that won that game goes through.
    4. If a SF final is cancelled, and no alternative date is available to play the Semis, the teams occupying 1 and 2 on the ladder go through to the GF.
    5. If a SF final is drawn the highest placed team goes through.
    6. In a GF extra time will be played – 3mins each way. If scores are still tied after extra time, then the premiership is awarded to the team who finished higher on the ladder at the completion of the roster matches.
    7. In a GF, the interchange bench shall consist of any players that have qualified for their respective teams.
  2. FINAL RULES (Semi finals and Finals)
    1. Full FIBA timing rules in finals (to be applied in the last minute of the 4th quarter and last minute of any overtime periods.
    2. if match scores are within five (5) points or less): the clock will stop for every basket scored, every whistle, every timeout, every substitution and during foul shots.
    3. The 24-second shot clock will only operate in Division 1 finals (semi-finals and grand finals both Junior and Senior)
  3. A copy of the team list showing all team members and the number of games they have played in that team must be made available to the opposing team and Executive Officer on request prior to the Grand Final. (This should now be captured in PlayHQ)
  4. If a final is not able to be played after two attempts at playing, then the pennant will be awarded to the team who finished on top at the end of the roster season.
  1. Generally, PICs of basketball will be informed if there are cancellations or forfeits from teams as soon as practicable. It will be PIC’s responsibility to then inform their teams and coaches.


  1. A forfeit occurs if a team has not taken the court with a minimum of 4 players 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time.
  2. If you need to forfeit prior to match day, please notify NHSSA EO as soon as possible to give every opportunity for the opposition to be informed (preferably prior to the end of previous school day)


  1. If a game is cancelled due to a venue becoming unavailable or similar both teams will be awarded (3) points.
  1. First Aid personnel will not be provided. Coaches/managers of teams need to have their own first aid kit for their team/s.
  2. It is important that coaches/managers be aware of any specific medical conditions or needs of their players.
  3. Students’ safety and wellbeing is always a priority so if you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to call me, Rachel Buck – Executive Officer, on 04047432329.