a)         There wil be four (4) sections, being Grade 7, 8 and 9 and 10 for boys and girls.  Each section may be split into first and seconds etc. competitions.

b)         Grade 10 roster will take place in term 1, while 7s,8s and 9s will commence in term 3

c)         A school would usually nominate a team in the first division however, consideration can be requested to be entered in a lower division. Nominations for certain rosters (eg 2nds) may fall short of required numbers therefore only a 1sts Division may be possible

d)         Teams shall consist of 5 court players and a maximum of 5 inter change players.


a) Games are played under normal Basketball rules
b) All players names must be placed on the score sheet before play commences.
c) Advantage rule applies – No jump ball


If a player has a bleeding injury they must leave the court and have the bleeding stopped and covered before returning to play.


Term 1(Gr 10) & 3/4 (7,8,9) on dates as shown on roster.


Games are played on Thursday evenings at school gymnasiums as  well  as the ESC. Other venues will be used if demand requires.

TIMES   City Venues      LD, EHS,

                    E – 4.00           4.15

M – 4.50          5.05

L – 5.40          5.5

a) Games are to start on time as per Official roster.

b)  Matches will consist of 4 x 10 minute quarters (clock does not stop except at time outs).
c)  Each team is allowed 2  time outs per game (1 in either Q 1 or 2 and the other in either Q 3 or 4). 1 min duration


Playing Rules

i)          4 x 10 minute quarters

Clock stops for

  • all time outs
  • all foul shots in final quarter
  • all whistles in the last 2 minutes if the difference is 8 points or less


Each team is to supply a match ball in good condition. Boys size 7, Girls size 6


A forfeit occurs if a team has not taken the court with a minimum of 4 players 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time.


The NHSSA will provide umpires where possible.  Most venues are to be covered by the home team.


Each team is to supply a bench person  familiar with scoring or prepared to learn to score. This person may also be the teams adult supervisor.


All teams must have adult supervision. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal from the roster. Schools are asked to contact Executive Officer if they play a team without adult supervision.


Each team should record the result and pass to their school PE Dept. for emailing to the NHSSA EO or for entering onto the website


  • win/bye = 6 points
  • draw = 4 points
  • cancellation = 4 points
  • loss = 2 points
  • forfeit = 0 point


Teams must be in a playing uniform with numbers on the singlet,  appropriate footwear and shorts must be worn (no tracksuit pants).

Finals eligibility:

To be eligible to play in finals a player must have played half the number of rostered matches in that grade, division or section.  Having played 4 or more games in any one division a player is not eligible to play in a final in a lower division.

Finals:- if required.

a)         Grand Finals are played between the top two ladder positions (1 v 2)

b)         If the unlikely situation arises where more than 2 teams are equal on top of the ladder then matches and results between these teams will be scrutinised to arrive at the GF combatants (i.e w/l ratio against each other and points scored). This process will apply also when 2 teams are equal 2nd. If they have met only once during the roster, this result will determine who proceeds to the GF.

c)         If a Grand Final is drawn then extra time will be played ( 3 mins each way). If the score is still tied then another 3 minutes is added and if after that 3 minutes scores are still tied then the clock continues until a team scores either by a foul shot, 2 pointer or 3 pointer.

d)         A copy of the team list showing all team members and the number of games

they have played in that team must be exchanged between teams.