a)  There shall be three sections, being Grade 7, Grade 8 and Senior.  Each section may be split into a first, seconds etc competition.

b)  Larger high and Independent schools must place a team in the firsts section before they enter a seconds team.  A special application must be made to the N.H.S.S.A. Executive to vary this rule.

c)  Teams shall consist of 7 court players and players are only permitted to play in one team per round unless urgent fill ins are required, remembering players can only move up to fill in, not down.


Games are played under A.A.N.A. rules except in regard to times.


Time will not be held during injury stoppage, due to central timing.


Taken over the calender year and commences in Term 2 and concludes in term 4 .


Hoblers Bridge Netball Centre (Scotch Oakburn courts are also used on Saturday mornings) for all matches unless through special arrangement between schools and Executive Officer.


  • Games are to start as per the Official roster
  • Senior games will consist of 4 x 8min quarters (Wednesday) and
  • 4 x 10 minute quarters (Saturday)
  • Thur  junior games will consist of 4 x 8 minute quarters
  • Half time will consist of a 4 minute break, 2 minutes at 1/4 and 3/4 time
  • Saturday matches start on the ½ hour as per roster and games are to finish at least 10 minutes before the next ½  hour


A forfeit occurs if a team has not taken the court with a minimum of five (5) players 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time.


Each team must supply one competent umpire per game.  Umpires are responsible for timing if a time keeper is not available.  NHSSA umpires are available for some matches on Wednesdays only.


Each team is to supply one responsible scorer. Scorers must sit together.  Scoresheets to be checked by umpires at the end of the match.


i)  Both coaches must agree on the scores at the completion of each game

ii) Results are then forwarded to school sport co-ordinators for entering onto the NHSSA web site.

 Point Allocation

  • win /bye = 6 points
  • draw = 4 points
  • cancelllation = 4 points
  • loss = 2 points
  • forfeit = 0 points

Supervision (Saturday morning)

At least one responsible adult per venue for each team  for the duration of the scheduled playing time.


Shorts/skirt, school playing top, sandshoes and position bibs should be worn by all players.  Tracksuit bottoms should not be worn. Fingernails must be cut short.  No visible jewellery is to be worn. Players refusing to remove jewellery will not be permitted to take the court.

Finals Eligibility

To be eligible to play in GF final a player must have played 5 roster matches  in that grade, division or section

In Sen  1sts  best team can be fielded as long as all players have satisfied qualification requirements. i.e. played 5 games for the school that year in the senior competition.  Having played 4 or more games in any one division a player is not eligible to play in a final of a lower grade or division.

*If a school has 2 or more teams in the 1sts Division and one of those teams qualifies for the Grand Final , the players selected for the Grand final team must have played at least 8 matches for that team during the roster.

Wet Weather procedure

If games have not been cancelled officially, but heavy rain begins falling during or before the game, the game can be called off if either team refuses to play due to safety considerations

Common sense must prevail in such a situation. If there is still strong disagreement, then the Executive Officer or Andrea shall have the final say and both teams then must abide by that ruling. In the case of a match not proceeding because of bad weather 4 pts will be awarded to both teams.


Saturday – Listen to ABC radio (91.7FM) directly after 7am or by accessing cancellations on the NHSSA website (

Ring 0419 547 471 if still in doubt.

Wed/Thur – Netball cancellations will be conveyed to the schools prior to 12 noon.


i)  Grand Finals are played between the two top ladder positions. (Saturday netball) Where more than two teams are equal on points, or 2nd and 3rd are equal, then for and against points recorded in matches between these teams will be calculated for a {92df1efdcda5709c759f9840deecb1289a9619f0e47d5d256256c31c673885e0} to determine who will play in the Grand Final

ii) Semi finals 1v4 and 2v3 are played in Wed and Thur netball . Winners to play off in the GF

ii) If a Grand Final is drawn then extra time is played (3 min each way).  At the change, teams change straight over with no coaching allowed. If a semi final is drawn, then the team occupying the higher spot on the ladder shall go through to the GF

iii) If scores are still tied after extra time then the premiership is  awarded to the team who finished higher on the ladder at the completion of the roster matches

vi)  A copy of the team list showing all team members and the number of games they have played in that team must be exchanged between teams

v)  If a final is washed out on both the dates set aside, then the pennant will be awarded to the team who finished on top at the end of the roster season.