The Rules for both boys and girls hockey shall follow International Hockey rules with the following exceptions.


a)         Senior Boys, Senior Girls or mixed depending on nominations received. Teams may vary as far as the ratio boys/girls.

b)         All schools must place a first team in a section before they enter a seconds team.  A special application must be made to the NHSSA Executive to vary this rule.


Teams are to consist of 11 field players (including nominated goalie or kicking back) plus interchange. Kicking back MUST wear a helmet.  A team must field a minimum of 7 players or forfeit the match.  Unlimited interchange of players may occur at any time or place on the boundary other than stoppage due to the awarding of a corner, short corner or penalty stroke.  The “sendoff” rule applies and no player sent off may be replaced.


Taken over the calendar year commencing in Term 2, resuming and finishing in Term 3.


Wednesday afternoon – 1.15 – 2.30 (will vary depending on opponent).  If a team is not ready to start 15 minutes after the scheduled time it forfeits the match.  No extra time for injuries.  The injured player is to be substituted as quickly as possible.  Matches should comprise 2×30 min halves when possible.


Each team is to be supervised/coached by a responsible adult.  Each team must be prepared to provide an umpire for each game.  The umpires are responsible for time keeping.  NHSSA will provide Neutral umpires when possible.


Each team is to provide a good quality match ball.  All players should be appropriately dressed in official school playing uniforms with shorts/skirt, socks and top in school colours. SHIN PADS MUST BE WORN AND MOUTHGUARDS ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED AND ENCOURAGED.


Each team must complete the official score card/team list and check scores with the umpire and opposition coach at half and full time and agree on the final result.  Both captains must forward results to the Wed Sport co-ordinator  for entering onto the NHSSA web site ASAP. A regular ladder update will be available on the web page.


As per official roster.

Point Allocation for Results

  • Win / Bye = 6 points
  • Draw = 4 points
  • Cancellation = 4 points each
  • Loss = 2 points
  • Forfeit = 0 points


To be eligible to play in finals a player must have played 5 roster matches in that grade, division or section. Having played 4 or more games in any one division a player is not eligible to play in a final or a lower grade or division.In the Sen 1sts the best team can be played as long as all players have satisfied qualification requirements (i.e.played 5 games with the  school that year in either 1sts, 2nds or both)

  1. Semi finals will be played. 1v4 and 2v3. Winners play of in the GF.
  2. If a final is washed out, the team occupying the top ladder position is the Premier team. (if no alternative date is available)
  3. If scores are level at the conclusion of the match, (Semi final – team highest on the ladder goes through to the GF). In The GF, the golden goal rule will apply. Teams will play extra time (6 mins each way). Every 2 minutes each team must take a player off the ground. First to score a goal will be the winner. If scores are still tied after extra time, the team that finished the roster as minor premiers will receive the pennant.
  4. A copy of the team list showing all team members and the number of games they have played in that team must be exchanged between teams.


Wednesday – schools notified by 12 noon