Seniors (Grade 9/10) 1sts, 2nds & 3rds (Wednesdays) and Juniors (Grade 7/8) 1sts and 2nds on Thursdays.  Initially the Sen/Jun 1sts will comprise the larger city high schools and larger independent schools with the Sen/Jun 2nds comprising the larger District high schools.The Sen 3rds will comprise mainly the 2nds teams from the city high schools and the smaller district schools. If, after the matches preceding the 1st term holidays,(Sen only) it is obvious that a particular team (s) is in the wrong division, then at the discression of the Executive Officer, after discussion with the relevant parties, a team may be promoted or demoted for the remainder of the roster.

NB – Girls are not permitted to play in NHSSA boys football rosters, Senior or Junior.

Player Eligibility

In Senior 1sts it is expected that Grade 9/10 boys are only to play. Special exemption must be given by the Executive Officer if a boy from Grade 8 is to play – this would only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.  In the Senior 2nds/3rds where some of the teams are smaller District high schools, boys from a lower grade may play when required and as long as that boy(s) is not taking the place of a Grade 9 or 10 boy who may be available.  It is assumed that schools who have teams in both the Wed 9/10 comp and the Thur 7/8 comp will only play senior boys on the Wednesday and Junior boys on the Thursday.


(a)  to be school based

(b)  to consist of 18 field players with unlimited interchange players .

(c)  players may only play in one team per round

(d)  a minimum of 14 players constitutes a team , but may vary after consultation between coaches

(e)  a team must forfeit the game if it is not ready with a minimum of 14 players ten minutes after the rostered time. A practice match can then  be played if coaches agree. If 1 team only has the bare 14 players or is short of the required 18, the opposing team is not obliged to start with the same number on the field


Any number of interchanges may occur at any time and any place during a game.  In finals an interchange area will be defined for use.

Home Team Duties

(a)  supply a match ball in good playing condition.

(b) supply a responsible time-keeper with a stop watch and whistle, the visiting team may provide a check time keeper.  These positions can be held by coaches.


(a)  each team is responsible for supplying

         (i)  a boundary umpire(white t-shirt)-if boundary umpire cannot  be supplied, last player touching the ball rule will apply.

        (ii)  one goal umpire (adult or mature student) with white dust coat, score cards and flags.The goal umpire must work alone and must be free of distraction from other students.  Score-cards to be returned to the  respective coaches for final clarification at the end of the match.

(b)   central umpires will be provided by the N.H.S.S.A.on Wednesdays. Senior students to umpire Junior Matches on Thursdays. Central umpires are responsible for reporting players for any misdemeanours. All central umpires will be provided with a red , yellow and green card.

green – player sent from the field to cool off (10min) – can be replaced. No penalty

yellow – player sent from the field for minor reportable offence, i.e. tripping, low level swearing, misconduct – minimum of 1 quarter – can be replaced. Automatic 1 week suspension.

red – player sent from field for serious incident , i.e striking, charging, abusive language directed at umpire, kicking. Player can not be replaced and is out of the game. Tribunal may be required if agreement cannot be reached on penalty.

Reported Players

(a)  umpires must complete a match report sheet after discussion with the offending player’s coach , and send this report to the N.H.S.S.A. Executive Officer

(b)  a tribunal Committee, *when necessary, will adjudicate on reports, and the umpire, school, player and coach will be informed of the action taken;

(c)  the Tribunal Committee will consist of three members:

       (i)   NHSSA Executive Officer

       (ii)  reported player’s coach

       (iii)   reported players principal or principal’s nominated representative

The tribunal may call any witness it feels is necessary to provide evidence which,they feel, will contribute to a fair and equitable outcome.

Any suspension implemented by the NHSSA shall be reciprocated in any other league that player may play in and vice versa.

* Schools are usually happy to impose their own penalties in consultation with the Exec Officer, but are quite within their rights to request a tribunal sitting if they feel it is necessary and warranted by the incident.


(a)  Semi Finals are played between the top 4 teams, 1v4 and 2v3. Winners of semis then play off in the GF the following week

(b)  if a final is washed out, and no alternative date is available to play the final, the team occupying the top ladder position is the Premier team.

(c)  if a final is drawn then extra time will be played – 3mins each way. If the score is still tied then Captains will toss for ends and the first scoring team will be the Premier.

(d) In a GF , the interchange bench shall consist of 4 in both 1sts and 2nds. However, after discussion between opposing coaches, this can be increased to a number agreed upon.

Finals Eligibility

(a) to be eligible to play in the Grand Final a player must have played 5 matches with the school in that particular season,in that competition(Seniors). i.e Sen 2nds/3rds -must have played 5 matches in the 2nds/3rds. Sen 1sts – must have played 5 matches with the school but not neccesarily with the Sen 1sts (best team on form , injuries etc fielded).


Where possible home team school grounds will be used but other nominated facilities may be required.

All facilities must have:

                                    (a)  changeroom/showers/toilet/ facilities

                                    (b)  padded goal posts

                                    (c)  proper field markings

(c)    first aid facilities must be provided either at the ground or within the school


Teams are to wear full playing uniform with numbered guernsey in school colours, shorts (no board shorts) and long socks.



(a)  Games must start as per roster.  In the case of a late start, quarters and breaks are shortened to ensure the game finishes a the stipulated times:

                                   Wednesday and Thursday  1.15 – 1.30pm – 2.45pm

(b)  length of quarters:

                                    all matches are 4 x 15 minutes each (no time on)

                                    1/4 & 3/4 breaks – 2 minutes each

                                    1/2 time – 4 minutes (shortened if running late)

©  Matches against Country schools will begin at 1.00 or no later than 1.10

Cancellations: Wednesday/Thursday – school notified by 12 noon

Responsible: the umpire is in sole control of the game.

Coaches: accept responsibility for the conduct of their team before, during and after the game taking approproate action to ensure proper conduct


(a)  both coaches must agree on the scores at the completion of the game

(b) captains must forward CORRECT scores to the results co-ordinator for transfer onto the NHSSA web site by Friday.

Points Allocation

For Results:

  • win/bye = 6 points
  • draw = 4 points
  • cancellation  = 4 points
  • loss = 2 points
  • forfeit = 0 points