2018 Calendar



Wednesday 7th                    Term 1 commences for students

Wednesday 14th                   1st NHSSA meeting – Followed by 2017 AGM

Wednesday 21st                   20/20 rosters commence

Thursday 22nd                      SEN BB – rd 1.

Wednesday 28th                   Launceston Cup holiday


Monday 12th                        Long weekend

Tuesday 20th                         INTER HIGH DIVING

Tuesday 27th                         DIV 2 SWIMMING

Wednesday 28th                   DIV 3 SWIMMING

Thursday 29th                       DIV 1 SWIMMING

Friday 30th                            Good Friday


Wednesday 4th                     2nd NHSSA MEETING

Wednesday 11th                  SEN  BB finals

Thursday 12th                      END OF TERM 1

Monday 30th                         TERM 2 COMMENCES                                                                  


Wednesday 2nd                    WINTER NOMINATIONS DUE , UMPIRE CLINICS

Wednesday 9th                     WED COACHES FORUMS? Bulldogs Cup

Saturday 12th                        Sat netball commences

Tuesday 15th                        NAPLAN commences

Wednesday 16th                   Wednesday sport commences – NAPLAN day 2

Thursday 24th                       Junior sport commences


Wednesday 6th                     3rd NHSSA MEETING

Saturday 9th                          No netball – LW

Monday 11th                         Queens birthday holiday

Tuesday 19th                         INTER – HIGH CC – KMHS

Tuesday 26th                         Back up date for IHCC


Friday 6th                               Term 2 finishes

Monday 23rd                         Term 3 commences


Wednesday 1st                     4th NHSSA MEETING

Wednesday 29th                   Sen Winter semi finals

Thursday 30th                       Jun Winter semi finals


Wednesday 5th                     WED GRAND FINALS

Thursday 6th                         THUR GRAND FINALS

Saturday 8th                          SATURDAY NETBALL FINALS

Tuesday 11h                          HAWKS CUP – netball

Wednesday 12th                   HAWKS CUPfootball

Thursday 13th                       JUN BB COMMENCES

Thursday 27th                       GIRLS FOOTBALL GALA DAY  DIV 1

Friday 28th                            GIRLS FOOTBALL GALA DAY – DIV 2  , END OF TERM 3


Monday 15th                         Term 4 commences

Wednesday 17th                   5th NHSSA meeting

Wednesday 24th                   20/20 ROSTERS RECOMMENCE


Tuesday 20th                        DIV 2 ATHLETICS – BACK UP 27th

Thursday 22nd                      DIV 3 ATHLETICS – BACK UP 29th

Friday 23rd                            DIV 1 ATHLETICSBACK UP 30th

Wednesday 28th                   20/20 GRAND FINALS


Wednesday 5th                     Final NHSSA meeting – followed by AGM

Thursday 6th                         JUN BB GFs

Thur 20th                               END OF 2018

NHSSA Member Schools

NHSSA Member Schools