Bulldogs Cup (KM v QHS) – 2018


Kings Meadows Win Bulldog Cup – 5 in a row!

Kings Meadows High School defeated Queechy High School in 5 out of 6 football games to win the Bulldog Challenge Cup for the fifth consecutive year.With the success of the introduction of girls football in 2017, this year saw even greater numbers participating with the inclusion of a seconds girls game. Both the girls and boys from all teams thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and experience of being involved in the Bulldog Cup and playing in front of a large crowd.

The Bulldog Cup was again sponsored by the South Launceston Football Club and served as both schools round 2 Northern High School game. The day was once again a huge achievement with students and families coming together to support the six games of football.

Queechy and Kings Meadows High Schools would like to thank the ongoing support of both the South Launceston Football Club and the NHSSA and associated volunteers that made this event such a success.

The best player from each team was awarded the Bulldog medal with winners as follows:

– Junior 1sts, Alex Jordan (KM), Sam Shaw (QHS)

– Junior 2nds, Jacobie Maynard (KM), Kyle Clements (QHS)

– Girls 2nds, Jemma Walters (KM), Zoe Lewis (QHS)

– Girls 1st, Kelsie Hill (KM), Kiara Mills (QHS)

– Senior 1sts, Isaac Chugg (KM), Jesse Rhodes (QHS)

– Senior 2nds, Joseph Davey (KM), Callum Austin (QHS)

Detailed scores are listed below:

Junior 1sts Football KM 8-5-53 def. QHS 2-4-16 KM- A. Jordan, Josh Harris, H. Nuss, C. McKercher, C. Chapple, C. Nason. QHS- S. Shaw, H. King, Z. Button, H. Farrelly. KM- A. Jordan (3), Jordan Harris (2), C. Chapple (1), R. Barron (1), O. Camm (1) QHS: J. Belbin (1), H. Farrelly (1)
Junior 2nds


KM 11-13-79 def

QHS 2-4-16

KM- J. Maynard, S. Anderson, T. Zacharyga, J. Ockwell, J. Smith, J. Butler

QHS- K. Clements, C. Spencer, T. Gillies, C. Wicks.

KM- T. Zacharyga (3) A. Morrison (2), B. Colgrave (2) L. Connie (1), W. Faulkner (1), J. Maynard (1), J.Smith (1).

QHS- K. Clements (2)

Senior 1sts Football KM 9-6-68 def

QHS 5-7-37

KM- I. Chugg, C. Evans, S. Lucas, S. Talbot, H. Systma, L. Reid

QHS- J. Rhodes, T. Coppleman, J. Adams, J. Miller, R. Dawe-Ellis, H. Charlesworth.

KM- I. Chugg (3), S. Lucas (2), D. Rowe (1), B. Sydes (1), S. Talbot (1), B. Mitchell (1)

QHS- K. Purvis (1), T. Coppleman (1), H. Charlesworth (1) T. McLean (1) J. Miller (1).

Senior 2nds Football KM 9-12-66 QHS 1-2-8


KM- B. Kennedy, J. Davey, J. Shadwick, J. Lowe, M. Beechey, R. Dabner QHS- KM- J. Lowe (2), J Davey (2), T. Webb (1), Z. Baldwin (1), B. Kennedy (1), W. Raine (1), M. Barker-Jones (1) QHS- A. Clements (1)
Girls 1sts Football KM 7-4-46

QHS 4-3-27

KM-  K. Hill, E. Grahman, L. McGrath, A. Butler, L. Walker, A. Richards-Allen 

QHS- K. Mills, S. Jones, M. Cocker, J. Cherry, H. Dornauf.

KM- A. Butler (2), C. Leyton (1), L. McGrath (1), M. Bulla (1), L. Freestone (1), A. Collins (1)

QHS- S. Jones (3), M. Cocker (1),

Girls 2nds Football QHS 6-6-42 def KM  5-2-32 KM N. Down, J. Walter, H. Challis, G. Templeton, J. Manly, C. Pears QHS Z. Lewis, C. Daw, D. Ikin, T. Coombes, E. Bonner, C. Jongshaap. KM – J. Walter (3), C. Graham (1), T. Davenport (1)

QHS – Z. Lewis (3) C. Jongshaap (2) C. Daw (1)